Come out and play

Organize activities together that contribute to your health

Feeling like a boardgames night, want to play some sports or do other social activities? Sippy helps you to meet new people who want to play. Within the app you’ll see a map with all the activities in your area. Ready to play?

Feel like
  • a game of basketball?
  • a game of 30 seconds?
  • cooking together?
  • barbecuing?
  • a game of monopoly?

Why use Sippy?

Meeting new people in a digital environment could be difficult. Sippy makes meeting people a lot more fun and easier! Activities are recommended based on your interests. Meeting new people in this way can create the best friendships.


Find an activity

When you open the app the activity map will be shown. On this map, you can see all the activities in your area. It’s possible to set a filter to find specific activities that match your interests. Don’t see anything you’d like? You can also create an activity yourself!

Find an activity

Join an activity

Found an activity you’d like? Nice! You can get more details by clicking on it, like who wants to play, the name of the location and the date and time when the activity takes place.

Meeting new people has never been so easy!

Join an activity

Meet up

Within the planned activity you can chat with your fellow players to agree on the time, location or just to have a conversation to get to know each other a bit before you start playing.

Did you enjoy the activity? Add the people you’ve met to your friends list on Sippy. This way you can meet even faster next time!

Meet up

Sippy out!

Today is a great day to meet new people! To play the sports or board game you always wanted to play. You will be surprised how amazing it can be to really interact.

What people say about Sippy

Sippy has many possibilities. Curious how others use Sippy? What do others think of it? Read our reviews and discover everything Sippy has to offer.

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